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Are you looking to study Martial Arts in Wakefield ?

With so many different styles or types of Martial Arts, it can be slightly confusing knowing where to start!

Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kick Boxing, Kung Fu, Judo, what's the difference?

Which Martial Art is suitable for you and your family?

There is an old saying that states: It's always the singer, never the song...��?

Ideally you should be looking for an equal balance of Traditional Values and Contemporary Training Methods. With this in mind, our classes are suitable for most people between the age of 5 and 75.

Personal development and greater confidence are natural by products of training in a successful Martial Arts environment, such as Wakefield Academy of Tae Kwon Do.

Wakefield Academy of Tae Kwon Do is a family owned and run Academy. Our Instructor holds Internationally recognised Instructor qualifications and Enhanced DBS clearance. Therefore we are deemed to have the professional skill set to work with all members of our community.

We pride ourselves on offering Professional Instruction in the Korean Martial Art of Self Defence and pro actively invite parents to sit in on lessons to see first hand the high level of tuition that their children receive.

Many parents opt to join our family classes so that they too can exercise whilst spending quality time with their children. We find this can help to bridge the generation gap and build stronger family relationships.

You may, of course, be an adult looking for you own activity. After all, we all need a couple of hours per week of “me��? time. Try our Adult classes, they are a fun, friendly and progressive way to spend your free time. Call us now on 07981 246 777 for more information.

Treat yourself, you deserve it!

We always offer a FREE, no obligation, trial lesson to potential students.

If you or someone you know would benefit from weight loss, increased confidence, learning self defence, decreasing stress or just getting out, meeting new people and enjoying life, then use the Contact Us link to take the first step on a brand new journey..

Remember, always choose content over style!

Start studying Tae Kwon Do in Wakefield NOW !!!

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Admiral Yi Sun Sin wrote that a warrior must master three roads, four obligations, five skills, and ten keys to security:

"The three roads are knowledge of the world; understanding of things as they are; and wisdom toward humanity.

The four obligations are to provide national security with minimal cost; to lead others unselfishly; to suffer adversity without fear; to offer solutions without laying blame.

The five skills are to be flexible without weakness; to be strong without arrogance; to be kind without vulnerability; to be trusting without naivete; and to have invincible courage.

The ten keys to security are purity of purpose, sound strategy, integrity, clarity, lack of covetousness, lack of addiction, a reserved tongue, assertiveness without aggression, being firm and fair, and patience.

Entries from Admiral Yi's War Diary (Nanjung Ilgi), 16th Century AD.

Wakefield TKD Instructor
with Grand Master CK Choi
General Choi, Hong Hi
The Founder of Tae Kwon Do


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